General conditions

General conditions:

First - The amount, previously agreed by both parties, is expressed in detail in the booking confirmation. From the moment the AGENCY receives the payment of 50% of the total amount of the reservation, it will send a temporary confirmation by email, to the email address provided by the GUEST at the time of booking, the reservation guarantee will not be returned after the payment has been made. payment. The remaining 50% of the reservation must be paid by the GUEST when checking into the apartment. Once the entire reservation has been paid, the AGENCY will deliver to the client, the confirmation of the final reservation, together with the sets of keys to the apartment. The guest is also aware that there will be no refund of sums paid for withdrawal under any allegation. Before checking in, it is recommended to go up to the apartment and check if it is in accordance with the establishment's standard. In case of malfunctioning utensils, another apartment will be offered.

Second - It is the customer's responsibility to communicate any travel dates or changes, changes in the number of occupants or cancellations before the arrival date. In the meantime, the AGENCY will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate the changes, all requests are always subject to availability. Cancellations must remain free of charge up to 30 days before the GUEST'S arrival day. For reservations canceled between 29 to 1 day (s) from the date of arrival, the cancellation penalty for each channel through which the reservation was made will be applied.

Third- The GUEST and all accompanying persons of the reservation, as well as guests who access the apartment must pay attention to the following aspects: 1) Respect the hours of rest of the building's residents, which are between 10 pm and 8 am. 2) Do not allow any type of party or gathering of people that exceeds the apartment's occupant limit. In case of complaints from neighbors about loud music, about parties on the property, or if it is necessary to call the police, the AGENCY has the right to invite the GUEST and accompanying persons to leave the apartment immediately. In this case, the GUEST, will not be entitled to a refund of any amount contracted in the reservation.

Fourth- We do not offer room service or parking.

Fifth- The GUEST must facilitate the access to the apartment to the AGENCY during the course of their stay, having to be previously notified by the AGENCY and informed of the actions of maximum necessity that will have to be done before the end of the reservation, such as: some type of urgent repair, or problems mentioned by the GUEST inside the apartment.

Sixth- The GUEST is responsible for any damage caused to the apartment or its filling, as well as in the common areas of the building, whether caused by him, by the companions of the reservation or by any guest of the apartment. AGENCY will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the GUEST's belongings. The GUEST is solely responsible for their loss or damage. The AGENCY has the express authorization of the GUEST to be able to charge the amount necessary to justify the damage, on the credit card that the customer specifies on the booking confirmation sheet. We do not replace toilet paper, bed linen and towels. Such services are offered separately for exchange or replacement upon request.

Seventh- Conditions of use of the apartment: 1) The AGENCY is not responsible for the loss of property, theft or damage to the guests' personal objects 2) THE GUEST, consents that the AGENCY, may charge the tenant R $ 150 for each set of keys lost or not returned

Eighth - The AGENCY has the right to cancel any reservation, if the reserved apartment is considered unsuitable for occupation due to technical failures, natural disasters, riots and causes of Force Majeure. These cases must be reported immediately and the customer will receive a full refund. The AGENCY will not be responsible for any other costs to the client, arising from such cancellation.


Ninth- Children up to two (2) years old are free. From 3 years old are considered paying guests.

Tenth - We offer breakfast with prices charged separately (or included in different rates).